Sera Catfish Chips Nature-Fish Food-Sera-100 ml-Iwagumi
Sera Catfish Chips Nature-Fish Food-Sera-250 ml-Iwagumi

Sera Catfish Chips Nature

Chips that keep their shape for rasping Ancistrus and plecos Sera Catfish Chips Nature is the staple food without dyes and preservatives for rasping and suckermouth bottom fish such as Ancistrus and plecos. The balanced composition with a high amount of fibers (from willow bark fibers and alder cones, among others) as well as natural spirulina supports healthy digestion and development. The quickly sinking chips become smooth in water, keep their shape for at least 24 hours, and do not pollute the water. They therefore allow the mainly nocturnal catfish eating slowly without any problems, which meets their natural feeding...
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