Seachem Pristine-Aquatic Plant Fertilizers-Seachem-250 ml-Iwagumi
Seachem Pristine-Aquatic Plant Fertilizers-Seachem-500 ml-Iwagumi

Seachem Pristine

Pristine Natural organic waste management Rapidly and safely eliminates sludge and detritus Helps increase water clarity Marine and freshwater Pristine™ uses bio-augmentation, a non-chemical and natural method, to improve water quality. It provides bacteria that break down excess food, waste and detritus in freshwater and marine systems. It will also reduce excess nutrients (e.g. ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites) that may fuel the growth of nuisance and disease-causing organisms. Pristine™ increases water clarity and promotes overall better health for the aquatic environment. The species of bacteria in Pristine™ are a unique blend, specifically developed for hardiness and their ability to adapt...
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