Seachem Flourish Iron-Aquatic Plant Fertilizers-Seachem-250 ml-Iwagumi
Seachem Flourish Iron-Aquatic Plant Fertilizers-Seachem-500 ml-Iwagumi

Seachem Flourish Iron

Flourish Iron Highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) iron source for the planted aquarium Ferrous gluconate iron Ferrous gluconate is better suited to foliar feeding than iron-EDTA Iron is immobile in plants. This means that plants cannot divert iron from older leaves to new ones. Therefore, deficiency symptoms appear first on new or young leaves. Because plants use iron to produce chlorophyll, a lack of iron results in chlorosis, or yellowing, of the younger leaves. Stems may also appear short and slender. If the deficiency is severe and prolonged, each new leaf emerges lighter in color than the preceding leaf. When choosing...
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